A good speach


It can seem like the hardest part of doing a speech is deciding what to do it on. Do I do this? Or do I do that? Will they like it?If you care about your audience you’ll not want to be boring or to rehash an overly used topic.Besides they will probably have already heard umpteen versions of raising or lowering the drinking age or the harmful effects of cigarette smoking.

So what are GOOD original speech ideas?Interesting speech topics are principally a combination of three ingredients.
  * Your personal enthusiasm for the subject you’ve chosen
  * The subject’s appeal or relevance to your audience
  * And the twist, angle, or perspective you bring to the topicIf you can apply all three elements to the speech topic you choose it’s much more likely to be interesting.In fact even those “boring” topics can be brought alive by your treatment of them, if you have something new tosay
Put your spin on these interesting speech topicsSocial media
  * Facebook kills face to face conversation skills
  * Texting is necessary for social survival
  * An online friend can be just as real and valuable as an offline one
  * Is online media responsible for the breakdown of real-time relationships?
  * What did people do BEFORE there was social media to build and maintain networks?
  * How to explain the value of social media to people who don’t use it
  * How to avoid being cyber bullied
  * Rules for forming online friendships or relationships
  * Spelling skills are dead. Long live txt speak!
  * What will be the next major social media development?
  * Rules for using social media responsibly
  * What is real news and what is social media gossip?

Visiting yesterday
  * What Grandma/Grandpa did for fun and recreation 50 years ago
  * What Grandma/Grandpa did to earn a living when they finished their schooling
  * At the same age as I am now my parents were doing XXX and my grandparents were doing XXX
  * Our town’s history
  * Headline stories from our local area 20/50/100+ years ago
  * How festivals and important events (birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Easter…) were celebrated in my family many years ago
  * Food fads or food Fashions – how have they changed over the years?
  * The history of my first name/surname – where it came from, what it means and how it’s changed over the years
  * Word fashion (the current slang) – what’s in, what’s out. Examples from bygone eras and present day.
  * The origin of nick names – how they began, why they stick or change
  * An overview of jobs that soon will be, or are already, no longer required because modern technology has replaced the need for people with automated processes
  * What was the latest music 20/50/100 years ago?
  * This day in history – a slice of major events from around the world for the date you are giving your speech


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