Timepass at home

wikiHow to Pass Time at HomeOften, when life is hectic, you think of all the things you would like to do or that you need to do if you could. Now that you actually have some free time at home, take advantage of it by either getting caught up or working on something brand new. Think about how best to use this time, then roll your sleeves up and get started. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back knowing you actually accomplished something worthwhile versus resorting to being a couch potato.Method One of Three:
Redecorating Your Home by Spending Little or No Money
1Use old paint that’s been stored. Perk up a door, a table or a wooden chair that has seen better days by painting them. Try painting a concrete floor, perhaps in the basement laundry area. You can also use painter’s tape to make stripes to create borders on your walls. You are only limited by your imagination when redecorating your personal space.[1]

  * Unify your home with white paint. If the upper cabinets in your kitchen are different colors from either separate cabinet pieces, chairs or other pieces, think about painting everything white to bring them all together.[2]


  * Painting a room a different color than white, though, can really bring a space to life. Don’t let a fear of color make you choose beige, white or off-white all the time. Dark hues, for example, add depth and texture to a space. This is especially true if you have a large room with a high ceiling. Conversely, if you have a small room, lighter, brighter colors can really open up the space and make it look bigger.[3]

  * However, when painting, consider keeping the ceiling white or painting it a light color. Ceilings that are lighter help a room appear more open and larger.[4]

2Rearrange the furniture. Sometimes just moving your couch at an angle or into another corner can make a big difference in how a living room looks and feels. Think about how you can reposition the pieces you have to make a new look, even moving them into different rooms. Why not move that big, overstuffed chair into your bedroom near the window for a cozy, new reading nook?[5] Before you rearrange, though, be sure to clear the clutter. Any disorganization in a room distracts from its beauty. When a place is cluttered, a person’s eye goes directly there, so all you’ll see is a pile of papers on the counter, laundry in the corner and toys on the floor versus your beautiful couch or amazing table.[6]




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