Exam Writing tips

To help the students with the preparations, here’s a list of tips and tricks suggested by Mrs Geetanjali Lamba, Science teacher, Vision Valley School, Uttarakhand:While studying:

  * The candidates should focus on basic concepts, a strong foundation goes a long way;
  * The candidates should make notes in points. It helps the candidates in learning the topic and also at the time of revision, it becomes easier;
  * The candidates should create a separate list of important formulae and laws;
  * The candidates should prepare flow charts at the end of every topic, this helps during the time of revision;
  * Learning a topic s different, solving answers based on the topic is different. The candidates should therefore try to practice various CBSE sample papers. The candidates should solve the practice papers within the stipulated time (if possible during 10 am to 1 pm), this helps in creating  a mindset for the actual exam;
  * Merely reading the summary of the topic will not help. The candidates should study the topics in depth
  * Practice diagrams, neatly drawn and labeled diagrams are scoring;
  * Focus primarily on NCERT/ CBSE books.While attempting the paper:

  * The candidates should try to solve the question paper in the given sequence. In case, the candidates do not know the answer to a particular question, they should leave space for that and go on the next question without wasting much time;
  * The candidates should label the diagrams properly;
  * The candidates should give precise answers. No unnecessary detail should be provided;
  * The keywords or important sentences should be highlighted. Also, the candidates should keep the word limit in mind while answering the questions.


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